What is SmartTag®?

Compact, easy to use forensic spray, uniquely formulated for each ‘Elite’ member, designed to either deter or help detect criminality. 

Following consultation with both the UK police and the legal profession, SmartTag® has been designed to be compliant with current legislation, providing it is used as intended. 

SmartTag uses a pressurised canister to deploy a stream of SmartWater forensic liquid to tag an Offender with a unique forensic code, assigned to the ‘Elite’ member for their exclusive use. This can be used by the police to link the Offender back to a specific criminal incident. 

Trials with the police and security industry colleagues demonstrated that security staff equipped with SmartTag were able to calm down potentially violent situations very quickly, as potential Offenders knew of SmartWater’s successful track record in the Criminal Courts.

Important Facts about SmartTag®
  1. Compact, easy to use & non-threatening appearance, designed not to heighten tension at the scene of an incident.
  2. SmartWater scientists only require trace the size of a speck of dust to link the Offender back to a crime scene.
  1. Every SmartTag® handheld identification spray carries a unique forensic code, assigned for the exclusive use of the ‘Elite’ member.
  2. Used in the same way as an aerosol – simply aim at the offender and press, marking them with a discreet forensic liquid, effective over many metres.
  1. Links an offender to a specific incident, after the incident has taken place.
  2. Invisible to the naked eye but glows bright red under UV light, with thousands of police officers trained and equipped to detect SmartWater.
Important Facts about SmartTag®