Our challenge was to develop a new piece of technology for use by front line workers, starting with SIA accredited security officers, which provided them with the means of deterring a potential violent attack.

The result was SmartTag® and trials with the police in South Yorkshire in partnership with security officers established that it acted as a significant deterrent, calming situations before they got out of hand.

Important Facts about SmartTag®
  1. SmartTag® is, at the time of writing, the only forensic taggant that is compliant with the Government’s Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice.
  2. Each SmartTag handheld identification spray is totally unique and assigned for the exclusive use of a named security officer.
  1. To differentiate it from SmartTag used by the Police, this version glows bright red under UV light.
  2. Used in the same way as an aerosol – simply aim at the offender and press, marking them with discreet SmartWater® forensic liquid, effective over many metres.
  1. Individuals have access to other benefits, including video footage of specialised covert operations
  2. Invisible to the naked eye but glows bright red under UV light, with thousands of police officers trained and equipped to detect SmartWater.
Important Facts about SmartTag®

Chaired by Sir Keith Povey QPM, the T.A.G Initiative™ is an amalgam of police, technologists and other stakeholders who have been tasked with developing new technology, aimed at reducing incidents of violence in society.

Their first project was to create a new approach to deterring incidents of domestic violence, which has proven to be highly effective, as illustrated by the following video.

Click here for more information about the T.A.G Initiative™.

To ensure that your staff are properly trained in its correct use, access to SmartTag® is restricted only to staff that have passed an online training course.

Once each individual has viewed the training videos and passed the exam, scientists will create a unique SmartTag forensic formula for their exclusive use and ship it directly to them.

Your staff will also be provided with a deterrent armband, alerting members of the public that they’ve been trained and equipped with SmartTag. During trials in South Yorkshire, the sight of this alone was usually enough to calm down troublemakers.




Only available to SIA accredited security companies

Group 401@2x

Unique Product

 SmartTag canisters registered and shipped to each employee


Online Training

User-friedly online training and certification process


Bulk Savings

Volume discounts available


Effective Deterrent

SmartTag trademark and livery packages available



What is SmartTag®?

How do the police
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What are the FSR
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