Membership Plans


£5.00 per month*

* Billed monthly by Direct Debit. Please note that an initial 3 month upfront payment applies to this option. Minimum term of 12 months. Please note that Direct Debit carries an extended processing time, so you will need to allow up to 28 days for delivery of your SmartTag.

Also includes:



* Rebilled in 12-months time.

Also includes:



* Rebilled in 3-years time.

Also includes:

**These features require that you pass the SmartTag eLearning training course and become an ‘ELITE’ member, before they can be accessed.

Upon successful completion of an Incident Report Form. Limited to one FREE replacement per year. Additional replacements available at £25.00 per canister (inc VAT & delivery).

T.A.G Membership plans are available for purchase online by SIA-licenced security staff. 

During the sign-up process, you will be asked to upload a digital scan or photograph of your current SIA photocard ID. You will need an up-to-date and valid SIA licence, to progress to purchase a Membership. You should make sure that the quality of the image is high enough that the documents are clear and can be easily read. If they aren’t, we may reject them, and we may not be able to progress your Membership application until you provide images that are.

We reserve the right to check your SIA photocard ID (to make sure you have an up-to-date and valid SIA licence) upon completion and passing of the SmartTag® eLearning training course – making you an Elite member. This check is prior to your SmartTag pack being shipped. 

If your information is incorrect or incomplete, then the shipment of your SmartTag pack may be delayed. 

We are not responsible for any delays that may be caused by you giving us incorrect or incomplete information, so please take the time to review your application BEFORE you submit it.

You should also respond quickly to any requests from us for further information as doing so will prevent unnecessary delays to the shipment of your SmartTag pack.

If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence of your SIA Licence following a failed check, your T.A.G Elite Membership may be revoked and shipping of your SmartTag pack cancelled.

Once you have paid, you will be redirected to the exclusive T.A.G Member’s Area of this website, where you will be advised to complete an eLearning training course – which consists of four short video modules covering topics such as [What is SmartTag, The Legal Framework, Scenarios and How to use SmartTag.]

After viewing the video modules, you will be asked to complete a short exam to make sure you are trained in how to use SmartTag® responsibly and safely. If you don’t pass on the first attempt, don’t worry, you get unlimited retries and the system will highlight those questions that you have got wrong. 

SmartTag is now available as a monthly membership, billed at £5.00 per month via Direct Debit. Altnertatively, you can pay upfront – by selecting either a 1-year Membership billed at £50.00 per annum OR a 3-year Membership billed at £150.00 every three years (YOU save 17% when you pay upfront).

We will write to you 30-days before the initial (1-year or 3-year) Membership Plan term expires to notify you that your next payment is due.  If you have selected to pay monthly by Direct Debit, we will continue to collect payments indefinitely – but will write to you 30-days before each 1-year term to confirm your payments for the year ahead.

Every year you renew, a new Elite Membership card will be issued with your new licence expiry date, and on each third-year anniversary of your Membership, a new SmartTag® canister will be sent to you.


This is no issue. We will write to you before your next renewal to obtain your new card details and ensure there is no disruption to your T.A.G Membership.

When you first purchase a T.A.G Membership plan, you will have access to the Member’s area of this website which will give you access to exclusive content such as police covert footage, local security alerts about violent convicted criminals in your area and access to the SmartTag® eLearning training course. However, once you complete the eLearning training course, you will be upgraded to an Elite member, this grants you the right to use SmartTag and provides access to exclusive discounts on other products in the T.A.G member’s area.

Once you have paid for your Membership, you will be given immediate access to the eLearning training course and member’s area. Your next renewal date will be a year (for Monthly or 1-year Memberships) or 3-years (for those purchasing the 3-year Membership) from the date you purchased your T.A.G Membership – don’t worry, you’ll be sent a reminder prior to this date and payment being taken again.

As you can only use the SmartTag® product within this period, it is recommended you complete the eLearning training course and become an Elite member as soon as possible, to ensure you get the most out of your Membership.

The expiry date of your current Membership period will also be printed on your ELITE Membership Card – however, this is reissued every time you renew your ELITE Membership.

Your SmartTag® pack will be shipped directly to you within 5-7* (unless stated otherwise during the ordering process) working days from the completion date of the SmartTag eLearning training course.

Your unique SmartTag pack will be shipped directly to you along with a SmartTag canister, SmartTag branded holster, armband and your individual ELITE Membership Card within 5-7 working days of completing steps 5 and 6.

Simply follow our online cancellation process HERE to ensure that your Membership ends at the next renewal date. Please note that if you cancel your Membership midway through the Membership term, we cannot offer a partial refund. Please see our Terms of Membership for more information.

We will write to you to confirm the cancellation and provide a postage-paid envelope for you to return the SmartTag® pack to us as per our Terms of Licence. 

You will also no longer have access to the members area of the SmartTag website – including exclusive content and discounts on other products. Any use of SmartTag after you have cancelled could leave you liable for charges for forensic analysis and expert testimony, which could amount to many thousands of pounds.

As a Membership can only be used by SIA members, termination of your SIA licence would mean that you would need to cease use of SmartTag® and displaying of the supplied deterrent armband with immediate effect. 

Though SmartWater does carry out random validation checks to ensure SmartTag users remain SIA licence holders, we would ask that you also write to inform us of the change in your circumstances. We will write to you to confirm this and provide a postage-paid envelope for you to return the SmartTag package to us as per our Terms of Licence.

Termination of your SIA licence would not entitle you to a refund on your initial purchase of Membership or if you have recently renewed your Membership. Instead we would make sure your Membership was cancelled at the next renewal date.

Your FREE Mini Bodycam will be shipped with your SmartTag® pack, after you have completed the eLearning training course.